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2(x)ist SPORT Jock Strap 3103472203

  • 2(x)ist SPORT Jock Strap 3103472203

Soft cotton jock strap with sporty mesh panels and trims, and a textured silicone logo, perfect for sports, every day wear or just showing off in the locker room. Four colours; black, white, red or blue. Material: 92% Cotton 8% Spandex.

Very sporty men’s underwear in the shape of a jockstrap featuring mesh panels and trims.

The 2(x)ist SPORT Jock Strap, part of the 2(x)ist SPORT collection, is made from soft cotton with contrast panels and trims in mesh giving the jock a masculine athletic look.

Inspired by fast paced action sports the jock has mesh panels which resemble team jerseys, a sporty striped contrast waistband and the 2(x)ist logo on the waistband is in raised silicone lettering for an extra dimension.

The soft cotton pouch is curved and styled to give the impression of a larger bulge and the leg straps, which match the waistband, are slim and slightly forward showing off more of the buttock.