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Gregg Homme Fire Muscle Shirt 76222

  • Gregg Homme Fire Muscle Shirt 76222

A leather effect muscle shirt which shows off more than just your arms, the fabric has little half-moons cut into it revealing the skin underneath and giving a sensual texture with a fetish wear look. Black Only. Material: 90% Polyester 10% Spandex.

It’s not just your arms on show when you wear the Fire muscle shirt; the mesh effect subtlety shows off everything underneath.

Made from a rubber effect fabric, soft but with a subtle sleek sheen, the muscle shirt is bold with a kinky edge. The wide mesh style is created by small half circles being cut into the material these cut outs are then raised revealing the skin underneath and creating a very tactile and unique finish.

This very masculine sleeveless tank is also defines the outline of your chest with a black band of, uncut, fabric which runs under you the pecs framing them. The neck and arm hems also add to the defined chest effect.

The muscle shirt style also features in other Gregg Homme ranges; and