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Gregg Homme Monte Carlo Thong 66304

  • Gregg Homme Monte Carlo Thong 66304

Unique and fashionable, the “Monte Carlo” thong features a decorative buckle above the textured, open toped, contour pouch. This erotic thong has a g-string back and is available in a choice of black or white. Material: 90% Polyamide 10% Elastane.

Men’s thong string with unique features that make this sexy thong an erotic and contemporary piece of underwear.

The soft inch wide waistband has the Gregg Homme logotype repeated in an embossed style; in the centre at the front is a decorative buckle that surrounds the main Gregg Homme logo. The buckle sits over the open topped double layer pouch, the outer layer has ruffled look created with slash cuts that adds a texture to the fabric and revealing some of the inner layer beneath.

The lightweight Gregg Homme Monte Carlo Thong has a slim g-string back for extra comfort and added sex appeal.

The open top pouch is also a feature on the Gregg Homme 56214 Nova Pouch.