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Joe Snyder Jock Spider 24

  • Joe Snyder Jock Spider 24
  • Joe Snyder Jock Spider 24
  • Joe Snyder Jock Spider 24

The classic jockstrap deconstructed and redesigned to be even more erotic.

On all of the colour options; white, black and camouflage, the waistband and straps are black. The pouch has the outline of a standard jockstrap, but with most of the fabric missing! Front seamed and single layered, the pouch drops horizontally from the waistband, giving the visual illusion of a larger package, two thin straps outline where a classic pouch would sit and half way up two more thin straps run back up to the waistband, creating multiple triangles.

The back of the Joe Snyder Jock Spider 24 is even kinkier; more of the thin straps replace the thick leg supports found on other jocks, two sets of these stretchy fabric stripes join in the centre creating sections on your bum. Very daring and more revealing than even the sexiest jockstrap.

Embossed on the waistband is the Joe Snyder logo, on the pouch is another JS logo and on the back of the jock in the middles of the waistband is another Joe Snyder label, but in bright red – so everyone will know what label you are wearing.

Joe Snyder Jock Spider 24 Details:

  • Brand: Joe Snyder.
  • Collection: Joe Snyder Shining Collection, Joe Snyder Camo Collection.
  • Style Number: JS-24 Jock Spider.
  • Colour Choices: Black, White, Camouflage.
  • Size Choices: S, M, L, XL.
  • Material: 80% Polyamide 20% Elastane.