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MANstore GLORY Apropo Pant 207374

  • MANstore GLORY Apropo Pant 207374

Show a little extra flesh with these striking party pants from MANstore, a shimmering floral design on a translucent black background, available in gold or silver. Material: 80% Polyamide 20% Elastane.

The GLORY apropo pant is the classic MANstore apropo pant but even cheekier!

A very popular MANstore cut, the apropo pant has a pouch that ends below the leg seams making your bugle look and feel bigger, high cut on the bum to show a little extra cheek and the GLORY apropo has extra triangle panels cut out of each leg – underwear for the man that likes to show off.

The MANstore GLORY apropo pant is made from a black translucent blend of polyamide and elastane, with a choice of a floral metallic pattern in silver or gold.