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MANstore M225 Jockstring Pant 207873

  • MANstore M225 Jockstring Pant 207873

A kinky jock strap crossed with a pant for men, bulge enhancing pouch with a very revealing seat in a choice of pink, blue or black. Material: 90% Polyamide 10% Elastane.

Very cheeky from the back and bulge enhancing from the front, a very sexy and revealing pant from MANstore.

From the front the Jockstring look like a rather sexy pair of men’s boxers with a large front seamed pouch, but the back has a kinky secret – the seat has two cut outs revealing the bare flesh underwear and framing the buttocks.

Made from a fabric designed to look, feel and act like satin giving the Jockstring Pant a sensual erotic quality and with the added Lycra the fabric pulls close to the skin showing off the male contours.

Each colour option, cyan, magenta and black has two complimenting tones to add extra definition to pant. The pouch and back half of the waistband are in a lighter colour.

MANstore are well known for their jockstraps and variations of jocks the is the same cut in a different fabric, the is a very sexy minimal jock and the has a mesh pouch.