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MANstore M101 Bungee Pants 2-06167

  • MANstore M101 Bungee Pants 2-06167
  • MANstore M101 Bungee Pants 2-06167
  • MANstore M101 Bungee Pants 2-06167

Experience the perfect blend of style and sensuality with the MANstore M101 Bungee Pants 2-06167. Made from light and thin microfiber, these sexy transparent boxers are designed to accentuate your best assets while providing optimum support and comfort.

The M101 Bungee Pants feature a sheer single layer of fabric that gives a really erotic look, making them perfect for those who like to show off a bit. The narrow, semi-transparent pouch provides a close and flattering fit, enhancing your bulge and creating a sensual silhouette. The “bungee cord” in the crotch of these bungee pants is designed to lift and support, enhancing your bulge and giving you a more impressive appearance. Feel confident and sexy with the added boost that this feature provides.

The M101 Bungee Pants have a simple, elegant, and comfortable cut that feels great against your skin. The folded leg hems and folded edge waistband add a stylish touch, while the MANstore fabric logo at the front centre adds a distinctive finishing detail.

The M101 Bungee Pants are part of the eccentric MANstore range, known for its unique cuts, shapes, and functions. Whether you prefer jock straps, thongs, or pants with lasso or push-up functions, MANstore offers something for every self-confident man.

The MANstore M101 Bungee Pants offer a unique blend of style, sensuality, and comfort. With their sexy transparent design, “bungee cord” for enhanced bulge, and high-quality materials, these bungee pants are sure to become a favourite in your underwear collection. Embrace your sensual side with MANstore!

MANstore M101 Bungee Pants 2-06167 Details:

  • Brand: MANstore.
  • Collection: MANstore M101, MANstore M101 NOS, MANstore HYSTERIE.
  • Style Number: 206167/2-06167 Bungee Pants.
  • Colour Choices: Black, White.
  • Size Choices: S, M, L, XL, XXL.
  • Material: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane.
  • Colour variations available.
  • Bulge Building Men’s Boxers.

Previously called MANstore HYSTERIE M101 NOS Bungee Pants 206167.