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Gregg Homme Fire Biker Trunk 76205

  • Gregg Homme Fire Biker Trunk 76205

Hot! The Fire trunks from Gregg Homme have half circles laser cut in the black rubber effect fabric creating a mesh like pattern and revealing everything underneath. Material: 90% Polyester 10% Spandex.

Sexy men’s underwear so you can really be the exhibitionist bad boy you always wanted to be.

The Gregg Homme Fire Biker is a short legged boxer brief with a difference, the rubber effect trunks have half moon circles laser cut into the fabric. These half holes give the trunks a rubber mesh look, making then see trough and leaving nothing to the imagination. The circles of fabric created by the holes are still attached and folded back giving the trunk a very tactile texture that caresses the body. The holes are cut into the fabric from front to back including the seat and pouch, setting the fetish trunks on fire!

All in black the Fire Bikers has a large Gregg Homme logo, on the wide waistband, in silver metal raised dots – adding to the overall look and appeal of the kinky underwear.