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MANstore GLORY Strip String 207372

  • MANstore GLORY Strip String 207372

Provocative stripper thong, translucent black fabric with floral design in silver or gold – quick release clips on the waist band so you can whip it off! Material: 80% Polyamide 20% Elastane.

Male stripper underwear that replaces the need for a glitter ball! The infamous Strip String from MANstore has quick release clasps on each side of the pouch so it can be whipped off without any notice…

The string, from the GLORY collection, uses a blend of polyamide and elastane to create a translucent black fabric with a glittering floral pattern that shimmers in silver or glimmers in gold, to suit your own personal lighting arrangements.

This sexy number has a single layer pouch, 1cm string and is finished with the MANstore logo in the centre of the dazzling pouch.