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MANstore SEXPACK Hip Jock 207320

  • MANstore SEXPACK Hip Jock 207320

Who else but MANstore could come up with a faux PVC jockstrap??? Comes with a contoured pouch and 2cm wide leg straps Fabric: 92% polyester 8% elastane This slick faux PVC jock strap from MANstore, oozes sex appeal. With all the visual impact of latex and PVC, without the sweating – the shiny black fabric is a super soft microfibre with open pores to allow your skin to breath. The design of the SEXPACK jock strap is completely new, using the very popular glossy fabric from the MANstore FRIDGE range. All in black, the wide flat waistband has the MANstore logo on the hip. The single layer contour pouch has some stretch and glistens when it does. All of the SEXPACK range from MANstore is in the same provocative PVC fabric.